The Single Issue

The Single Issue

Titus Magua asks why an honouring of singleness is often seen as a relic of a bygone age and traces it back to three deeper issues. Many would agree with me that there is a problem with many young people today. The passion for God and zeal for Christian service that were a characteristic of Christian youths … Continue reading


A parenting crisis

The talks and seminars from the recent Preach the Word conference are now online on their resources page. A highlight for me was Julius Juma’s session on Christ-centred youth ministry. In particular his analysis rooting the problem in a contemporary parenting crisis was very telling. Well worth listening too. More resources on youth ministry: Fidel … Continue reading

Media Review

The Pastor’s Family [Review]

BOOK REVIEW: Brian & Cara Croft, The Pastor’s Family: Shepherding Your Family through the Challenges of Pastoral Ministry, Zondervan: 2013. The sad story of John Wesley’s marriage is fairly well known (if you don’t know it see here). The Pastor’s Family starts with this and adds other, lesser known, cautionary tales of pastors who seemed to have very … Continue reading