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Played onside

The notoriously hard to grasp offside rule in football states that if you’re on the attack and you’ve run ahead of the ball and there’s only one member of the opposing team between you and the goal (normally the goalkeeper) then you’re offside and no-one can pass to you.  But if two or more members … Continue reading


Now available at Theovision

Theovision International is an excellent gospel organisation “dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Africa through production and distribution of scripture in audio-form.” With the majority of the population in Africa not being able to read or write, new innovative approaches had to be developed to facilitate Bible Distribution and Evangelism. The audio Bible … Continue reading


Graduates wanted!

iServe Africa is currently recruiting for a small intake of fresh graduates into the apprenticeship programme to start this December. If you know anyone who would be interested in a challenging but rewarding year testing the waters of gospel ministry, please put them in touch with the iServe office.   Continue reading